Metavers Worlds for Educators
Reef Metavere World
Base Camp Everest, NFT

The EDUmetaverse is made up of  35+ customisable Virtual Worlds, designed by educators to support core areas of the curriculum. Created to enhance physical classrooms by seamlessly integrating virtual ones. Allowing next level collaboration and opening up a world of learning opportunities. In essence learning any subject, anywhere from anyone. The gate way to Education 3.0 for schools, and incredible learning opportunities for our students.

A whole class experience that allows students to be present in the moment.  A chance to reconnect with peers,  teachers and experts. from anywhere on earth. These 'Virtual Classrooms' are accessible through a headset, or a browser on any device. 

Let's talk about engagement! From the frozen slopes of Everest to learning on the deck of an 18th Century sailing ship. From running a market stall in Ancient Rome to searching for grid references on a treasure island. The possibilities for innovative learning and interaction are now only limited by our imaginations.

We now have the ability to link students across the globe with peers and experts, virtual field trips to any location on earth, and the ability to learn, anywhere, anytime in any subject! All worlds are available to purchase today. Training on creating and implementing your own worlds is also available, as 1-1 or group workshops.

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"Create, Innovate and Inspire"
Andrew Wright - iTeacher