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Virtual Events - Resistance to change

Often the biggest resistance to virtual events almost always comes from those who’ve never attended one or have no intention of ever doing so. It’s the same with virtual learning. The warcry is “What about their social skills?, You’ll never replace face to face”. As if the pandemic has taught us nothing! Yet, If the event/session is done right not only do you get the advantages mentioned in the article, but also a level of unparalleled engagement and productivity.

To achieve this in education, the answer was to implement the concept of #hybridclassrooms. Combining our physical and virtual classrooms together. This allows us to create a 360 education environment where learning can take place everywhere at any time. Essentially embracing the essence of Education 3.0.

Ultimately it will be a case of shifting mindsets. We’re already seeing the benefits, so next time someone suggests a virtual event … go to it!

If you’d like to see the hybrid classroom concept in action, please visit

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