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Immersion and the connected experience.

The Vikings are coming!.

Some days it all just comes together! Of all the worlds I've built, 'The Vikings' is the prettiest by far. When you start creating always have a picture in the back of your mind of what you want it to look like. I was adamant that there would need to be some Northern lights here as well as a stunning vista. As soon as I dropped in the 360 pano it just popped.

Don't settle on your first design, if you feel like it doesn't work. What the students like about this world is that it has 3 parts. Drawing them in with each one. The village, the longboat, and the ocean voyage. Immersion is key as that leads to engagement and engagement leads to productivity.

The Vikings are coming, and they are really keen on finding a new leader. Do you have the skills to become Jarl of your village? Learn about Vikings whilst living the life of one. Immersive Virtual Field trip to an imaginary Viking Town. You build it, you live it. Oh, and make sure it's not raining when your longship sails.

You can visit the 'vanilla' world, without EDU content at If you'd like to know more please visit

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