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EDUmetaverse - Education 3.0

"During the pandemic, we entered an age of Covid lockdowns and 'Zoom fatigue'. We found our students were becoming increasingly disconnected from their classmates. The concept of the EDU Metaverse was born. 35+ virtual worlds designed by an educator, for educators. These worlds offer students a chance to reconnect with peers and teachers in Virtual Classrooms run simply from a web link. Although it's possible to use V.R headsets, the experience is easily accessible from any browser or device.

From the frozen slopes of Everest to learning on the deck of an 18th Century sailing ship. From running a market stall in Ancient Rome to searching for grid references on a treasure island. You could even learn poetry in a Viking village, or take your staff meetings in the Zen Garden. The possibilities for innovative learning and interaction are now only limited by our imaginations.

I've been teaching in classrooms for almost 25 years. Eleven of those years have been using, or talking about 1-1 device classrooms as a teacher/consultant. I can honestly say that I've never been more excited about teaching and learning, and the endless possibilities that lie ahead with Web 3.0.

Recently we have been implementing the concept of the Hybrid classroom. A mixture of the virtual and the physical classroom, taking learning to the next level. We now have the ability to link students across the globe with peers and experts, virtual field trips to any location on earth, and the ability to learn, anywhere, anytime, and on in any subject!

Now is the time for educators to start transforming the way they teach. With Web 3.0 schools can now push towards innovation and creativity like never before. Education 3.0 is here, we have the tools. If you'd like to know more, please don't hesitate to get in touch."

Andrew Wright - Director, and creator of the EDUmetaverse

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