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Education 3.0 and the bigger picture.

How can we blame educators for not rushing to the frontlines to fight in the Education revolution? They’re already fighting on the front lines! They’re already in the trenches! The mounting pressure driving them out in droves. We’re hemorrhaging teachers and it’s death by a thousand cuts.

Education 3.0 is here, but the bigger picture is so much bigger. Implementing 3.0 now would be like putting a plaster (band-aid) on an arterial cut. There’s so much change needed from the ground up. The irony is though that modernising our education systems with technology could ease the burden that teachers feel. Reengaging the students, transforming the way we teach and the way they learn. Reenergising staff and students alike.

When we ushered in 2.0 into schools, with student devices, the effect was electric. We did things I never imagined possible, and some 11 years later I see the fruits of that venture in the emails and LinkedIn messages I get from them as adults.

The Metaverse will hopefully, in time, facilitate this change. Web 3.0 and Edu 3.0 go hand in hand. Implemented properly, with training and support, this technology is a game-changer. For those of us on the edge, we can see over the horizon. We can look into the space in front of us and see limitless scenarios and possibilities. The majority of us though are still on the shore, unsure of what the Metaverse even is. To the shore-bound the Metaverse looks like a collection of NFT’s parties, big business meetups and money-making ventures. Enough to switch off even the most 'switched on' educators. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re making millions off this, all power to you. If educators wanted money they wouldn’t have gone into education though.

We need to shift the perception of the Metaverse for educators and show them what’s possible. Sharing what’s possible, not just between us as practitioners, but with all educators. I’ve spent 5 months designing, building, and now showcasing 'The EDUmetaverse'. It’s all open for everyone to visit at .

If you come along and like what you see, I’m not asking for anything. If you go away buzzing with possibilities and inspired my job is done. However, if you want to buy a T-shirt, a world, or get help making your own virtual world.. you know where I am, and I get to feed my pug. Win-win.

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