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Divergent thinking for the Metaverse

Shifting mindsets on how we've always done things.

“What’s the point if you can’t physically kick a ball?”

Good point, but what if you can’t get to a ball? What if someone with more knowledge than you could dream of, could pick up their ball and bring it to you?

Imagination, Motivation, Inspiration. Moving beyond the normal and the routine to create meaningful change will mean taking risks. Once there are enough of us, the balance will tip and the movement will snowball forward. Turning a supertanker takes time. Turning a shoal of fish….

As the world reopens (hopefully) I look through the prism of lockdowns and ‘Covid uncertainty’ and see the possibilities here. The Metaverse will open up unparalleled opportunities for learning. Internally and from others. Not just in the classroom, but globally.. anywhere, anytime. The essence of Education 3.0

The movement has started. Feel free to join in.

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