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Be the change

Over 10 years ago I was sat in my classroom thinking about leaving the teaching profession.. then I watched this video. After all this time it still resonates today. Arguably very little has changed in mainstream education, but that is not through lack of fighting for change.

I can say without hyperbole that this video changed my life. I realised that education must change, and we could be the catalyst for that change. I've been on the frontlines ever since and we are fighting as hard now as we did then, but now we are many.

I wrote to Sir Ken Robinson to thank him for what he'd inspired in me. I'm not sure if he got it, as he was a busy man.

Years later I heard he'd passed away from cancer at the age of 70, and I unashamedly wept. Through his words and the impact of that video, I'd like to think I became a catalyst for change. Perhaps over the years lighting a spark in others. I hope he would be proud of my little contribution to 'the fight'.

Educators, If you haven't seen it and need a reason to get back up and keep fighting, watch it. Watch it if you need reminding what you do makes a difference and that you are not alone..

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