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A.I Revolution

A few year's ago I spoke at a conference for teachers about how A.I and new technologies would change the world we live in forever. I said within ten years, it took just two! I talked about how decision makers would need to either evolve our education system, to incorporate new tech, or choose to ignore whats coming. I think 98% of that audience left with a 'knowing smile' on their face. Safe in the knoweldge that A.I will never replace a teacher. This is true, you cannot replace a teacher with A.I. You can however replace a teacher with one that knows how to utilise A.I. By utilise I'm talking about transforming teaching and learning, assessment, lesson planning, marking, creating content, and leveraging the current crop of A.I tools to half your work load. In the coming years one of the questions you will be asked is how are you incorporating A.I into your classroom. There will be a little place for it on your C.V. 98% of you will knowlingly smile at this, safe in the knowldege that this is never going to happen. I'm happy to share with you what we've been doing in this space, and how you can utilise technology to transform teaching and learning.

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