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1 Year Old Today!

I can't believe the EDUmetaverse is 1 Year old today!! Let's be honest... we went everywhere! What an insane journey!

It's hard to put into words the impact that teaching and learning in the Metaverse has had on students. The engagement and the buy in from them has blown me away! The schools I've shared it with, and who've tested it for me, have been utterly amazing. Their feedback and positivity have been inspirational.

I look at the image below and was sad that adobe only let me add 32!

There will always be naysayers and doubters, but they didn't come with us. Didn't hear the squeals of delight when kids put their head in a bee, rode a shark, or fell through the Everest model. They weren't around to watch the students who struggled to stay in class, suddenly wouldn't leave at the end of lessons. They never watched the quiet creatives come to life, as we finally gave them the tools to create content that didn't have to be written on a worksheet! Not just because of the worlds, but because of the enthusiasm of the teachers who worked with them.

Like it or not, THIS IS THE WAY!

The metaverse is getting hammered at the moment, but the metaverse is what we make it. Education grab hold, because we finally have the tool kit, in WebXR, to transform creaking institutions into vibrate learning spaces. Spaces that encourage the essence of Education 3.0, Learn anywhere anytime from anyone! If you don't use my stuff, use someone's! Just start.

It would be remiss of me to not shout out those people that have shaped what I've done over the past year. Without them this wouldn't have been possible. So, from me, the students, teachers and schools I've worked with... 'Thank you!'

The guys at Frame, Gabe Baker and Ravneet Kaur have been incredible! Thank you! Sarah Segrest mentor legend. John Kelly official EDUmetaverse testing school, thank you for the butterflies. Richard Schultz, Ph.D., GISP, C.P.G. (He, Him) voice actor and rock star. Alex Howland, Ph.D. constantly encouraging. Alice P. your advice has been exceptional. To everyone who's liked or shared a post, or followed myself, my dog and the EDUmetaverse.. 'Thank you!'

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