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                     Virtual worlds designed for education                         

"In the real world we can't go anywhere, in here we can go everywhere!"

- Michelle, Y4 Student

What is the EDUmetaverse?

The EDUmetaverse is a collection of Virtual Worlds for education. Designed to change the way students learn online or face to face. Opening up worlds of learning possibilities. Leverage new technology to transform learning, energise educators, and engage today's students

 "It has been amazing to walk into classrooms and witness the positive, exciting energy of students as they explore their learning in a completely different digital learning environment."

Cameron Jones - School Principal, Roselea Public


Designed by teachers, for educators. These worlds are working environments in use by schools today. All worlds and training are bundled as a package. Ready to rollout at schools, or at a department level.

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Soft skill training sessions are available from Andrew Wright, creator of the EDUmetaverse. Learn how to design and implement your own worlds in 1-1, or group workshops.