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The Edumetaverse is a learning experience like no other. Accessible with just a browser, or a VR headset.


Featuring over 70 virtual classrooms filled with A.I enhanced, 'Project Based Learning' content. Tested in classrooms and developed over 3 years.

Created by teachers for teachers, the Edumetaverse covers all Key Learning Areas.

From the goldfields of Ballarat to the deck of a First Fleet sailing ship, from the surface of Mars to a Castle of Maths. Each offers worlds of learning possibilities for teachers and students.

Designed to engage and inspire. Staff training and teacher-led onsite sessions are available remote and face to face.

A.I in the Classroom
Virtual world headset
Virtual Learning, WEBXR platform
Project Based Learning Packs

“Hand on heart, it’s the best thing I have ever found in education!”

John Kelly -
Principal Colegio Ikigai, Mexico

 "It has been amazing to walk into classrooms and witness the positive, exciting energy of students as they explore their learning.."

Cameron Jones - School Principal, Roselea Public

"What we're looking at here is the future of education, I'm blown away by what you've done with these worlds.."

- James Wech,
EDUtech Specialist

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